Since Sprinkles has moved into my work neighborhood, they’ve quickly become my favorite cupcake shop.  But, last week when I had a few events to go to, I wanted to make my own instead of just picking up dozens.  I had the Sprinkles mixes for vanilla and red velvet, and they each just called for a couple extra ingredients.  I also made the icings from scratch – my first time ever!  The vanilla had a vanilla buttercream icing, and the red velvet had cream cheese buttercream.  The vanilla was delicious, and I even had co-workers track me down to ask if they were getting any of the cupcakes (Sorry – next time!).  The red velvet was a little disappointing, but I will definitely be making more of the vanilla.


About indeeskitchen

I'm just a beginner cook hoping you'll join me along the way!
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